Tengnoupal Forest Division, Chandel District, Manipur.

The Division is situated within the geographical co-ordinates 93°44’E to 94°19’ E longitude and 23°50’ to 24°39’N latitude.

Tengnoupal Forest Division, Chandel District lies on the southeastern part of Manipur and is bounded on the north by Eastern Forest Division, Ukhrul District, on the west by Thoubal Forest Division, Thoubal District, Southern Forest Division, Churachandpur District & the Manipur river, on the south by the Chin Hills (Upper Chindwin areas) and on the east by the Kabaw valley of Myanmar.

The geographical area of Chandel District vide Govt. order no. 56/9/76-For. Dated 09-11-76 and as per District Statistical Handbook 1998-99 published by the State Govt., is 3313 sq.km with a forest area of 2829 Sq.km. according to State of the Forest Report, 2011 of the Forest Survey of India, Dehradun. The Forest Division is not exactly co-terminus and geographical area of the Forest Division is 3291 sq km.

The topography of Tengnoupal Forest Division is hilly and has elevation from above 200m above msl to 2000 msl. It may be sub-divided into three micro –regions viz. Chandel Western Hilly Region, Chandel Eastern Hilly Region and Chandel Southern Hilly Region. The western Hilly Region covers about half of the Tengnoupal Sub-Division (Revenue) and a small part of the Chandel Sub-Division. The Region is drained by the Taretriver and the Lokchao river both flowing towards east. The Eastern Hilly Region is situated over the northeastern part of the District covering about half of the Tengnoupal Sub-Division (Revenue) and a small part of the Chandel Sub-Division (Revenue). The region is relatively developed. The Southern Hilly Region covers the entire Chakpikarong Sub-Division (Revenue). The Taret River the Lokchao River and the Chakpi River are the three main rivers flowing through this Forest Division. The Lokchao River starts from the Kamjong-Chassad area in Eastern Forest Division, Ukhrul District and flows into the Ningthi River in Myanmar. The Chakpi River joins the Manipur River (a.k.a. the Imphal River) near Sugnu (Thoubal District). All the streams, rivers in the Forest Division/ District are a part of the catchment area of the Chindwin- Irrawady River (Myanmar).