Kangpokpi and Senapati Forest Division, Senapati.

It is Geographicaly situated at : 24° 30’ to 25° 45’ N Latitude, 93° 30’ to 94° 30’ E longitude.

The forests of Northern Forest Division, Kangpokpi and Senapati Forest Division, Senapati have boundary to the North Kohima and Peren districts of Nagaland, to the east Eastern Forest Division, Ukhrul to the west Western Forest Division Tamenglong and to the south Bishnupur Forest Division and Central Forest Division.

These two Forest Divisions are not co-terminus with that of District boundaries as some parts of the forest adjoining valley are managed by the Central Forest Division, Thoubal Forest Division & Bishnupur for conveniences of Scientific Management of these forests.

The topography of the Senapati District is generally hilly with elevation ranging from 388 m to 2994 m. above mean sea level. After crossing Barak River at Karong the slope increases. The highest points are Tenipu mountain 2994 m, Koubru 2557 m and Laikot is 2831 m. above MSL.

The district may be divided into three hilly regions namely, Northern region, Eastern region and Western region.

(a) Northern Hilly Region : The region spreads over the district in the North occupying about half of Mao-Maram sub division.
(b) Eastern Hilly Region : The region spreads above the South Eastern Part of district covering whole of Sadar Hills East sub divisions some part of Mao-Maram sub division and a small portion of Sadar Hills West.
(c) Western hilly Region : The region spreads over the South Western part of the district occupying more than half of the Sadar Hills West, Saitu Gamphazol and some portion of Mao-Maram sub-division. The Northern part of this region is well populated.

The Barak River flows towards the South Western direction and separate the Western hilly region of Senapati District from Barail Range of Nagaland. The river originates from Tungjoy in Paomata sub division running towards south and turns back to the north at Karong upto Lairou, then running towards West touching Willong area and leaves the district running south westerly direction for Tamenglong district The Jiri river, the Tupul river, the Makru river, the Irang river & Lematak river are tributaries of Barak river. Imphal river rises from Bolenpat about 15 kms. from Kangpokpi towards north westerly direction. Bolenpat is situated at about 2185.45 m. above MSL.

Iril river rises from the Northern part of Mao and joins Imphal river at Lilong. Dzuko valley another biodiversity rich tourist place is also at Mao-Maram sub division in the Senapati district.

Extension Circle:

This circle comprises of the forest divisions of Soil Water Conservation, Social Forestry, Social Forestry-III and Social Forestry-IV. The circle caters to the working plan needs of all territorial divisions with respect to the protection and fuel wood and fodder working circles.

The Conservator of Forests, Extension is the head of the circle and the circle office is at the Forest Head Office, Sanjenthong, Imphal.

The circle takes up plantation activities throughout the state in the Protection Working Circles and Fuel wood and Fodder Working Circles.