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[See rule 13 (5) of the Wild Lift Protection (Manipur) Rules, 1974]


Office of the Chief     


1.  Licence No.
2. Date of Issue
3. Name of licensee
4. Profession
5. Address
6. The licence shall be applicable to the shooting block/Forest Division/District/State ;
7. Details of weapons permitted to be used for hunting.
8. Period for which valid :        From:   ________________ To _______________

9. Licence fee paid :                                 Deposited made                    Royalty paid

          Rs.                                                       Rs.                               Rs.


10. Subject to the provisions of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, and the rules made thereunder, the following may be hunted during the period of the licence by the licensee :


Animal Maximum number to be hunted Maximum number to be hunted in one day  Minimum size (Adult or otherwise)
1 2 3 4







Note 1. This licence does not entitle the licensee to hunt in areas notified as game reserves under section 36 of the Act, except when permitted to do so by the Chief Wild Life Warden and where a permission has been so granted, an entry shall be made to that effect in this licence, whereupon this licence shall be deemed to have been issued under section 36 of the Act.

Note 2. The licence shall be subject to the closed time declared under section 16 of the Act.

Note 3. While hunting, the licensee shall strictly adhere to the provisions of section 17 of the Act and rule 17 of the Wild Life (Protection) ( ) Rules, 1973.

Note 4. This licence shall be surrendered to the issuing authority within 15 days of its expiry together with the statement in Form No. 7 of animals hun­ted by him.





( Strike out whichever is not applicable )                                               ISSUING AUTHORITY